Yomi Gold Alore is a Nigerian American Citizen, Actor and filmmaker.
He’s also the founder of April Empire TV, a movie production and content distribution company, where he has devoted close to ninety percent of his practice to run for the last five years.
He has extensive experience in movie production and movie distribution and his recent activities include filming more movies in America and content distribution on the internet. He has been working with people in America to achieve extraordinary and desired results.

Yomi Gold Alore is also  a visionary entrepreneur and business mogul who focuses his time on real estate businesses. He is amazing at lifting others, helping others grow and ultimately giving back to the society.

His mission is to be recognized around the world for bringing beauty of the African culture, values, dignities and lifestyle to the forefront.

It is not out of place to say that Yomi Gold is raised on an important scale of prominence as far as Entertainment Industry is concerned both on and off shores of Africa.

Yomi Gold Alore loves traveling the world.  He sees beauty in every race and all the peoples of the world.

He has  proven to have a good degree of endurance and ability to adapt, blend and excel in any situation he finds himself. He is indeed a survivor and a role model to human race.

Over the years, Yomi Gold Alore featured in different award category nominations which he won both locally and internationally.  Right now, he has started a campaign for Nigerian American Movies which a lot of Africans in America will have opportunity to be part of.

Yomi Gold Alore is a social media influencer for many brands both in Nigeria and abroad. You could connect with Yomi Gold by following him @iamyomigold on instagram and @yomigold1 on
twitter. There is never a dulling moment with Yomi Gold.  Thank you for taking out time to read this article.

God bless you and God bless the world!